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Services for Companies

  • Mechanical characterization in static mode (tensile and compression tests) of metallic materials, at ambient and high temperature.
  • Fatigue characterization of metallic materials, crack propagation and fracture toughness with fracture mechanics testings.
  • Creep-rupture and Stress-rupture tests of metallic materials
  • Heat treatments optimization of steels, aluminium, titanium and nichel alloys
  • Stress corrosion cracking in marine environment
  • Salt fog spray and continuous condensation corrosion tests on medium-small components
  • Metallographic analysis
  • Failure analysis of metallic components
  • Study of wear resistant layers behaviour by pin-on-disk and ball-on-disk wear tests
  • Residual stress measurement on metallic components by Hole-drilling method
  • Static load tests on mechanical components
  • Mechanical-metallurgical training course and consulting