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Special tests

    Stress corrosion craking (SCC) test in specific environment

    Sample: KIC steel specimens.
    Environment: corrosive solution with dissolved gases at pressure up to 12 bar.
    Methodology: constant loading specimens, DCPD method for crack growth detection, temperature control.

    Radial crushing test on rings

    Sample: 160 mm diameter sintered metal ring.
    Methodology: low rate load application up to the ring breakage.

    Load test on steel profiles

    Sample: 2 m length steel profile.
    Methodology: load applied simulating the real stress conditions; displacement trasducers to detect deformation in specific positions.

    Load tests on wafers

    Sample: low thickness silicon wafer.
    Methodology: very low rate displacement application up to the sample breakage; load and displacement trasducers.

    Torque test on small screws

    Sample: small diameter screw.
    Methodology: low rate angular displacement application up to the sample breakage; torque trasducer.

    Load test on load cells

    Sample: compression load cell
    Methodology: load-unload test cycles; measuring chain for strain gauges verification response